£5,000 the Lothian Family Award

Paying for your college education nowadays is one of the biggest challenges that you would have to face if you want a college degree. Fortunately, with the help of universities offering online college classes, you could lessen the expenses of going to college by avoiding leaving your home for schools. Aside from online college classes, you can also apply for scholarships to help you pay for your educational expenses.

The Abertay University is a university located at the city of Dundee, Scotland. The university is a public university and is one of the two of such schools in the city. Abertay University is located at the heart of the city and has a campus perfect for students as they are is filled with places with student-friendly establishments such as study areas and places where they can unwind should they need to. Abertay University has its own reputation as a school of the new age with its very own distance learning programs and computer education online courses.

The university recognizes the fact that although education is now more accessible with the emergence of distance learning, a lot of students are still unable to go to college due to financial matters. In line with this, Abertay University has partnered up numerous institutions and organizations to create scholarship opportunities for students in need, not just in Scotland or UK, but also from all over the world. With that said, one of the organizations they have partnered up with is the Lothian Family.

The Lothian Family has supported Abertay schools for the longest time already through its generous donations and scholarships such as the Lothian Family Awards. The award is a four-year scholarship amounting to £5,000 and aims to help students who are in need of financial support to pursue their college online courses. Recipients of the scholarship will receive the grant from their first year at Abertay University until they graduate. For the rest of the details regarding the scholarship, you may visit https://www.abertay.ac.uk/study-apply/money-fees-and-funding/scholarships/the-lothian-family/.

To be eligible to apply, you must be an incoming 1st year full-time student, pursuing an undergraduate degree, at Abertay University. You must be a student willing to coordinate with a Lothian Family representative in relation to your financial need support. The rest of the eligibility requirements can also be viewed at the website mentioned above. To apply, you would need to accomplish the Lothian Family Scholarship application form and provide your contact details. Aside from that, you would also need to provide evidence regarding your financial need and other references – academic and personal. An academic reference will require you to submit a statement from a teacher who knows you well enough to endorse you for the scholarship whereas a personal reference must be a person who is well-versed in regards to your personal character.

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  1. Nice to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad for further More up to university .Eritrean nationality from sudan.I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.I want study computer science if you consider me this offer to join there. Thanks more nice to hear from you soon

  2. Hello,
    All I will say is thank you for this great offer. To study in the abroad has been my number one priority I will please If you grant me. Thank you.

  3. I am a Liberian and a 2017 graduate from Cuttington University School of Graduate & Professional Studies. I hold a master in Business Administration in Economics. I actually need this scholarship in order to further my education. Currently, I do not have any money to further my education deal current economic hardship. More besides, I am lack of job.

  4. Am glad to receive this notice. I am really interested and looking forward for the actually delivery for this scholarship. Your response is highly appreciated.

  5. I am very much interested, would reallyou want a scholarship in Media department ( Camera Operator or press Photograher ) or in tourism

  6. I\’m deeply and pugnacious to procure my dream by obtaining this scholarship.
    I appreciate a lot if i will receive the scholsrship or not.

  7. I am very much interested….thank you for giving me this opportunity….how can l access application form….God bless you.

  8. I\’m really I still have a chance to my dreams and I look forward to this opportunity if you give me the chance

  9. I am very much interested, thank you for giving me this opportunity how can l access application form and what are the requirement if any.

  10. A Life time Wonderful opportunity which I am very interested in the scholarship and would like to apply. I would like to obtain a degree in the Waste Management or Urban Pest management. Can you help me out please?

  11. A very longtime opportunity I am interested in the scholarship and how can I apply and I will be pleased if I will given the Chance thanks as you comply

  12. very longtime opportunity I am interested in the scholarship and how can I apply and I will be pleased if I will given the Chance thanks as you comply

  13. Am Kamoga Andrew a Ugandan i have a diploma in horticulture got from Uganda and a diploma in agriculture which i got from israel. i want to get a bachelor degree in agriculture. am asking please how can i apply. And i will great full when am sponsored .

  14. I study industrial chemistry in
    pls am really interested in the scholarship

  15. Thank you and the good Lord will continue to bless UNICAF and help it to reach it\’s strategic objectives. I am already studying an MBA program in OIL & Gas. I will like to considered to pursue a PhD programme in Energy and Sustainability. Thank you.

  16. Hello.
    My name is ASAKYA KABANDA WILLY, a Congolese national.
    I am extremely interested in this offer.
    My great wish is to benefit from a scholarship that will allow me to pursue my graduate studies in Community Development.

  17. Thank you for this newsletter, iam from Zimbabwe ang greatly interested in studying with you that side ,with due respect requesting for a scholarship to fund my university programmes basing on maths and Biology

    Fountain of love orphans community school we provide food,love,care and free education to orphans & vulnerable children from different poor families. We offer baby class to grade seven praning to extend to grade nine in future just lake of partnership or sponsorship.
    Founder/Director of Fountain of Love community school is appealing to your good office for any form of help in term sourcing for an organisation that will help the school for orphans and vulnerable children who are at the school, the school has enrolled more than 300 children and has activities such as.
    R.E ,SPORTS,Drama,HIV education,health education,Teaching education, poetry,Jets Club etc .
    Any links or addresses that can help the school find a donor will be highly appreciated.  Find attached pictures of some of the children we are trying to help at our community school based in kanyama, Mbasela community Lusaka.
    We are unable to meet all their needs due to financial difficulties in educational materials.
    We are looking followed to hear from your good office.
    Thank you
    Georgina kunda
    +260978865265/+260969887211 Email:fountainoflovesch90@gmail.com

  19. I wish i could get that scholarship to make my dream come true. I want to read medical sites. I look forward to this chance.

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