£9,200 Abertay International Scholarship

Going to a college and getting an online college degree may sound easy, but in truth it is the total opposite. Getting into a university or college today can be very challenging as living away from your home can have its own demands. Aside from that, financing your education can be quite a requirement too.

Fortunately, with the help of online schools and scholarships, students now have the opportunity to somehow ease up on the requirements of going to college. Through online education students can work for a university online degree at home while scholarships will help them pay for their fees.

The Abertay University is a public university located in Dundee, Scotland. It is one of the two public universities located in the city and it is considered as one of the pioneers of computer education in the world. Abertay University prides itself of a great campus located in the heart of Dundee surrounded by great places perfect from students to study, unwind, and more. Being the pioneer in computer education that it is, Abertay University also has numerous online courses where students can get a university online degree from.

The university recognizes the fact that not everybody can access college education easily and that some students would need assistance in paying for their studies. In line with this, the university also sees this as a global issue that students from around the world are encountering. To provide more opportunities to the students around the world, the Abertay University created numerous student grants and one of them is the Abertay International Scholarship. The scholarship is a £9,200 award that is open to international undergraduate students who are in need of assistance to support their studies. The award amounts to £2,300 per year and will be used to pay for living and travel expenses.

Eligible applicants are those who are classified by the university as International students and registered to a full-time course at the university. Furthermore, the undergraduate course you will be taking up must be your first degree. You must have completed all the academic conditions presented by Abertay University thus starting as a new full-time student by September 2018. Students who already have a UK undergraduate online college degree will not be allowed to join anymore. Aside from that, current students of the university as well as transfer students and previous students of online schools who already hold a degree will no longer be allowed to participate in the application procedures and are automatically disqualified from contention.

An application form would not be needed when applying for the scholarship. Once you have completed all the eligibility requirements, the school itself will send you an offer and contact you personally regarding the scholarship. Decisions for eligibl