£10,000 Rees Jeffrey Road Fund

Getting a college education can very costly these days that is why going to college seems like a twilight dream to many. However, there are other means one could get a diploma by not depending on family savings alone and that is through getting a scholarship. Student grants are available like pancakes already, student applicants just have to choose and make themselves eligible for it. These scholarships are being offered by foundations, universities and some are even accessible online. These student grants have helped and still a great help to students who needed financial aid badly.

Rees Jeffrey Road Fund is offering a full scholarship to deserving students who wants to have greater chances in life by getting a college education for their selves. The said scholarship is accredited and accepted in the following universities: University of Westminster, University of Leeds Institute of Transport Studies, Newcastle University, and University of the West England, Imperial College, University of Salford, Cardiff University, University of Southamptor and University of Nottingham. Thus, students have to check these universities for the availability of the degree program they are planning to take,

This scholarship was created in remembering William Rees Jeffreys. Jeffreys made a great contribution in the economic progress of the United Kingdom during his days. He held some very influential positions way back then and made a great impact with this programs. He is well remembered as a public servant and have served his country well.

Because of this, his descendants would like him to be remembered well even after his death. And one of the ways they thought will meet their purpose is through giving out scholarships to students who have the potential to make a difference.

The £10,000 fund will be awarded to the winning student applicant to support school related researches, projects and tuition fees. Indeed, such is a great help for students. The student just have to specify the degree program he or she wants to get into.

To make oneself eligible for the scholarship, it is suggested that the application of the student applicant should be written in concise and clear manner. Applications should not exceed three pages and long with it are documents that will support the information written in it. A summary of the whole application is also required in the application.

To more about the scholarship, visit this site http://www.reesjeffreys.co.uk/contact-us/.