50% Off Transform Together Scholarships

If one wants to get the best education there is, one of most suggested means is by studying abroad. International studies open a lot of opportunities to students. Aside from the new culture, ideals and learning; it will also allow them to have wider opportunities career-wise. However, the thing with international studies is that it costs significantly a lot more compared to the regular local college. With this, students aspiring for international college education have to exhaust means on how they can go through their plans. But the good thing is that there are student grants being offered to students who plans to go college education.

Transform Together Scholarships are being offered to European Union (non UK) and International students exclusively. This is for the school year 2018-2019. To be considered, a students must possess excellent academic ability and the kind that will make a name in his or her class. He or she should have the potential of being an ambassador for the Sheffield Hallam University. He or she should be the kind who can lead his or her people and speak out for the student body. They are indeed requiring an ideal student but this kind of student definitely deserve this kind of scholarship.

Furthermore, for those applicants applying for post graduate studies, the applicant must have a minimum grade of 2.1 and must be included in the class honor roll. They must also meet the requirements for the academic entry and English proficiency. For undergraduate students, academic entry and English proficiency requirement is also needed. And once the student are awarded with the scholarship, he or she must maintain their grades in order to keep the scholarship until the end of the degree program. This scholarship by the way will shoulder 50% of the overall program expenses. This is indeed a big help for struggling students.

There is no specific degree program indicated in the student grants thus, but applicants have to do an inquiry if their planned field of study is allowed in the said scholarship. For more information regarding the scholarship, their official website https://www.shu.ac.uk/International/Fees-scholarships-and-discounts/Scholarships-discounts-and-bursaries/Transform-Together-Scholarships is always ready to answer the inquiries. Deadline for the acceptance of application is this coming May 2018. Thus, it is best that student applicants to get their application together with their supporting documents as well.